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“VEER” OPENWELL SUBMERSIBLE PUMPSETS offer the convenience of not having to change the position of the pump with changing water levels in the well. They are rugged and efficient. They are reliable and are built to withstand tough operating conditions like low voltages, etc. For more Details :

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Agriculture is the Backbone of The Indian Economy and Pumps Have Been Used Widely for Irrigation Purpose To Get Good Crop Production. With various Application of use Veer Pump Industries provides best class Pumps and Motors at affordable rate. Here we can see different Ranges of Pump and Motors in this video.

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Veer V6-Submersible Pump Set are of wet type water lubricated. The Motor is made to Indian/Nema Standards. The Pump is made up of Cast iron Casing with stainless steel Impellers. Adequate supports are provided in between for shaft support. The motor case, fasteners, shaft are all made of stainless steel. No threaded joints are used. Radial Flow & Mix Flow Constructions are available. For More Details Visit Our Website.:

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VEER 150 MM-(V6) Submersible Pump Sets are specially designed, with the use of latest manufacturing techniques. Years of experience, superior design and better manufacturing techniques have resulted into development of this range of pumpsets, which are efficient and reliable in operation. Strict quality assurance standards during the total process assure trouble free and reliability in operation requiring minimum maintenance.

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Great features coupled with excellent performance have resulted in Veer Solar Pumps making a distinctive mark in India. Available in different ranges of 1 HP-100 HP, Veer Solar Pumps offer more discharge as compared to other companies pumps. Contact us for Dealership in any part of India.

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For Purchase and Dealership Query of Submersible Pump, Call us Now or Drop your Message Below, We Assure you Veer Made Submersible Pumps has the High-Performance Ratio and very Low Maintenance.

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Veer Pumps is one the leading manufacturer and supplier of Submersible Pumps since past two decades . We are manufacturing Submersible pumps for domestic and industrial usage. Submersible pumps are easy to operate with low cost of maintenance and several other promising benefits of it’s own. Submersible pumps are uniquely designed for cutting down the expense caused by the electricity usage. Enquire Now for Dealership and Distributorship.

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openwell submersible pump

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We pride ourselves as the most trusted, reliable and reputed submersible pump manufacturer in India. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Veer Pumps has gained enough experience & expertise for manufacturing high quality pumps. Borewell Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Water Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Sewage Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Self Priming Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Mud Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Stainless Steel Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Chemical Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Agriculture Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Industrial Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Dewatering Pumps Manufacturer in Ahmedabad Solar Pump Manufacturer in Ahmedabad